The Final Countdown

After the elation of completing the Great North run, Chris was left contemplative, injured and wondering how he would complete his last charity challenge. Chris completed his 3rd challenge with an existing injury which he persisted with while running the half marathon, unfortunately resulting in his left and right calf muscles being torn. Determined to complete his challenges for St Barnabas Lincolnshire Hospice, Chris knew in his heart of hearts that he would not be able to complete the Snowdon Sunrise Trek – the 4th and final challenge.


Like a phoenix rising from the ashes (and still with the Wales theme!) an idea emerged that wouldn’t require the use of the injured legs. So, this weekend, he completed challenge number 4 for the 40th anniversary of St Barnabas by travelling to the Phoenix, at the zip world tower in Aberdare, South Wales. In this challenge, he was daring, going on the record-breaking, fastest seated zip line in the world, and zip world’s steepest. Chris was strapped in, and going down at a hurtling speed of up to 70mph for nearly a kilometre!


“I really enjoyed this last challenge because it only needed gravity to complete it and with no chance of further injury! It was good fun and bought to a close my four challenges for this amazing charity this year.”


It meant a lot to Chris to finish the challenges in what is a momentous year for the charity. Every penny raised will be making its way to St. Barnabas Lincolnshire Hospice. Chris is so grateful to everyone who has supported the challenges and helped to fundraise for this very deserving charity.


Many of their patients wish to be cared for in their own home; where they feel safe and comfortable and can spend precious time with their loved ones. The Hospice at Home nurses enable this to happen 365 days of the year, and the money raised will go some way to helping them do this.


There is still time to donate and the just giving page will be closed on the 3rd of October with an announcement to be made on the final amount raised soon. To make a donation visit

Chris Owen is fundraising for St Barnabas Hospice Trust Lincolnshire at Just Giving – or visit

Published On: 21st September 2022 / Categories: Announcements /

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